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We're Uber & Lyft drivers uniting for a fair, dignified, and sustainable rideshare industry

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Our Demand: Full labor rights & a union!

Drivers' Bill of Rights (learn more)

Fair Pay

  • 20% cap on commission for Uber/Lyft on what passenger pays
  • Pay drivers per mile & per minute rate en route to the passenger
  • Set hourly minimum pay matching New York City's $27.86 per hour before expenses
  • Include a gas-price indexed surcharge in fare

TNC Transparency

  • Transparent, speedy, independent de-activation appeals process, with all discipline held to "just cause" standard
  • Show drivers the estimated fare payment & the trip destination before accepting trip
  • Show complete fare breakdown with Uber or Lyft’s take on passenger receipt

A Voice on the Job

  • Uber & Lyft recognition of our independent, driver-led organization, to negotiate on behalf of drivers
  • The right to organize without retaliation
  • An elected driver-representative appointed to Uber & Lyft's boards of directors

Community Standards

  • Rideshare vehicle cap to eliminate unnecessary traffic & carbon emissions
  • Emission standards for all new vehicles added to the platforms
  • Uber & Lyft must share all vehicle data with local authorities for traffic management