Drivers Bill of Rights

This page explains how Rideshare Drivers United arrived at our Drivers' Bill of Rights. The list of rights itself is on available on our home page.

Rideshare Drivers United is a democratic, driver-led organization that's fighting to win fair pay and a voice on the job for drivers.

A hallmark of the gig economy is that workers are isolated, making coordination amongst workers difficult. When we began organizing in Los Angeles, we were faced with the challenge of developing a broad, democratically created platform, crafted by the wide membership of RDU-LA.

In order to accomplish that, we decided to constantly send surveys to membership over text, in order to ascertain the issues drivers want to change about the industry. Members are polled every 4 weeks or so, and given the opportunity to suggest new questions to add to the surveys.

We started with basic polling, gauging member support on an issue by voting on a scale of "Don't Support" to "Strongly Support". 

Some questions around pay, require a sliding scale in order to best understand where drivers stand on an issue.

We soon realized that drivers want to change a lot about how gig employers treat us, and we needed a better way to prioritize the top issues. So we began to use a polling method called "Ranked Choice Voting," which allows members to prioritize their most urgent issues. This helps us get a closer look.

The Drivers Bill of Rights that Rideshare Drivers United stands behind, is compiled based on the tens of thousands of votes that have been cast by California-area drivers, gathered by surveys from forms, p2p texts, and p2p calls.