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We, the undersigned, demand that Uber & Lyft provide immediate relief from the recent surging gas prices.

  • Over the past few weeks, gas prices have increased more than $1 a gallon - on top of a 200% increase over the past 3 years. 

  • In the past our rates were as high as $1.75 per mile, when gas prices were less than half of the current prices - in many markets we’re making less than $0.60 a mile! 

  • Drivers are receiving as little as 20% of passenger fares! 

  • IRS estimates $0.58 per mile cost to operate and maintain a vehicle, which means we lose money on many rides;  

  • Uber and Lyft have never made a rate adjustment to account for the price of fuel, despite raising the prices for customers.


Drivers can no longer shoulder the burden of this expense.

United as drivers, we demand:

  • Driver mileage pay rates be returned to $1.75 per mile by ensuring that the drivers receive 80% of the passenger fares; 

  • Drivers receive an additional differential as gas prices continue to rise;   

  • That Uber and Lyft respond directly to our demand with an in-app notification of the increase.

Without us drivers, you have no business, no services to provide. Without the gas we pay for, there would be no Uber or Lyft fleet. Addressing the gas price issue is critical - and must be done immediately. For us, it is the difference between feeding our families and paying our rent. Do the right thing.